The fastest way to attract high quality customers

What can be better than positively impacting lives, growing your business, increasing your revenues, building your brand, and positioning yourself as an industry leader ALL. AT. THE. SAME. TIME?

There is ONE medium that creates a living dream scenario of impact, brand building, thought leadership and income when done correctly.

And that is leveraging public speaking to grow your business.


There is no stronger way to attract high quality clients that seek you out and want to work with you now and in the future than properly leveraging public speaking.

I’m sure if you are reading this you do well, but maybe your growth has stalled, maybe you feel like your positioning in the marketplace should be so much more.  You’ve got an amazing business, proven results for your past clients, you are passionate, driven and have a message to share.

It’s just hard to stand out from the crowd. You have a deep down drive to be the category and thought leader in your niche.

When you unlock the skill of public speaking in the correct way you gain the most profitable and fulfilling skill available to do just that.

Think about all of the thought leaders you admire. People that you’ve looked up to in your industry. The odds are pretty darn high that they do public speaking. Right?


And here’s the cold hard truth, the most valuable asset right now is attention. If you can get people’s attention you can do many great things. But attention is one of the hardest things to get today. Especially the attention of the kinds of people you actually want to reach, those dream clients. When you leverage the power of public speaking (correctly), you are getting access to the most valuable commodity in the world right now…attention.

Once people can actually hear you, they can get why you aren’t like everyone else, why what you offer is special and why you are the best one to help people with your business/service.

But here’s the cold hard truth. There is a lot of noise out there right now. The last thing you want to do is get lost in the noise. Or even worse just add to the noise.

No, you want to cut through the noise because you have ideas and methodologies that you know will change the world and improve your industry.  But sometimes trying to separate yourself from others goes really well and sometimes your efforts feels like you are just throwing a cup of water into the ocean.

Are you chasing too many bright shiny objects?

Here’s the cold hard truth.

Too many people are chasing bright shiny objects. There are lots of bells and whistles out there for growing your business and building your brand (fly by night tactics) that can distract you from the tried and true fundamentals which are the foundation of building a lasting business.

Technology changes, algorithms change, public speaking stays consistent.  Think about it. How many doohickey technologies have come and gone in your industry in the last 10 years. Think about how Google/YouTube updates its algorithm or Facebook updates its algorithm and then all of a sudden everything you’ve been doing just poof… disappears.

Speaking is the fastest way to attract customers

But public speaking has been around for thousands of years and remained tried and true (and personally very rewarding, who doesn’t like impacting people!?!?!)

Whether you are speaking as a :

Or through the online opportunities that exist like:

Speaking is the fastest way to attract high quality clients and have them coming after you, time and time again.

You may be the purpose-driven CEO of your company Chief Executive Officer or the Chief Everything Officer but the way to grow your business is to step into the role of the new CEO the Chief Evengalizing Officer of your brand.

And with public speaking you can control how and where you do it. There are more than enough opportunities to speak locally, or nationally or virtually from the comfort of your own home or office right now. It’s truly a medium you can use that fits you vs. you having to fit it.

Why Public Speaking is the Business Growth Tool of Titans

In one public speaking engagement (done the right way) you can have the full attention of a room full of your ideal clients. And with this attention if you take them on the right journey you can predictably move them to become a raving fan of yours, have their lives positively impacted and then want to work more closely with you. Again, what is better than that?

Obtaining leads for your business through speaking is infinitely better than most leads from anywhere else because this person is connected to you to your brand and to your mission.

Think about who has a better opportunity to gain business from an event. The person who is attending and trying to slam business cards in people’s faces or the person on the stage who speaks and then gets off the stage to have tons of people coming up to engage in a conversation with you.

If you speak virtually, after you speak you get tons of people finding YOU on linked in and look forward to connecting with you more.

What’s ONE Dream Client Worth to You? What about dozens? Hundreds?

So think of this, what is just one client worth to your business?
What’s a dream client worth to you?
What’s the life time value of that client?

Imagine walking into a room speaking, and getting almost the entire room to become a lead and enter into your funnel (this is 100% possible and we can show you how) and then you are able to convert 10-20% of those people into clients. What would that be worth to your business?

But let’s address the 800 lb. gorilla in the room about speaking. Many people see it as scary, or they have done it before and it didn’t yield results. This is because of a few things


"As the CEO of my company, I know that impacting people through public speaking is a crucial skill set. I have worked with Arel to get clear on my message, delivery and end goal of a very crucial presentation I had to deliver. Arel's insights into public speaking are truly incredible. I wanted to work with him after seeing him present at another business conference where he did a truly amazing job. Arel not only understands how to deliver a wow presentation he knows how to teach others to do the same."
Brad Li
CEO, Billion Dollar Telecommunications Company
"Arel is best in class as both a speaker and speaking coach! Having built my small business coaching company through speaking, I can fully appreciate the value of modeling success and having a seasoned coach who can drastically reduce your learning curve. Arel is this coach. One of the things I appreciate most is how he goes above and beyond, providing massive value, doing everything possible to ensure that his clients succeed. In short, if you're looking to take your speaking to great heights, your time with Arel will be a masterclass, providing a springboard to your destination."
Ian Watts
Small Business Growth Coach | SB Dream Coach
"As a business founder and executive the most important skill I continually focus on developing is my ability to speak with passion and clarity. He’s helped me tell my business’ story so that others get why they should work with us.

I highly recommend Arel as a teacher and coach for learning how to communicate more effectively. Investing in the skill of effective speaking will generate a significant return for you and your mission."
Will Zell
Co-Founder and CEO, Nikola Labs and Zell Captial

This is How You Transform Your Business

If you are looking to take your business to the next level and transform it quickly it’s time you learn how to not just be a world class presenter but learn how to be a master of the stage. You can move your audience from having no idea who you to having their life positively impacted, grow your business, and be invited back to do it again and again. 

Here’s how to know if incorporating public speaking is right for you:

Once you learn our proprietary system for putting together your signature keynote,

you will realize how it can quickly become your top client acquisition tool.

You’ll know exactly the flow of what to say, it will never sound canned or robotic so you can be comfortable in front of every audience, every time, anywhere.

Imagine a room full of your ideal clients but they are skeptical

We talk about presenting to your “ideal skeptical client”. This is the person who is PERFECT to work with you, they have just been burned in the past so they are skeptical (as they should be!) We show you have to intelligently win them over so they are excited about learning more about you and working with you.

We show you how to get people who aren’t ready to buy from you today to stay engaged with you long after your presentation is over so they consume your content and buy when they are ready. Public speaking creates clients now and in the future!

Most presenters believe it or not, are actually OVER educating when they present and this is not helping you or your audience. You’ll discover why over educating is a big mistake and why under educating is also a big mistake. We show you exactly how to find the sweet spot.

We’ll break down the 3 elements that are needed in every presentation for them to work and how most presenters use only 1, or at most, 2 of these elements.

"Arel is an uber-talented speaker, but an even better speaking coach. When I first met Arel, I was a successful business owner but had public speaking fears like many people do. Arel helped me overcome my fear by helping me turn my message into a story that would keep my audience engaged throughout and inspire action. My nervousness quickly transformed into confidence and connection, which has continued to open up new opportunities for me."
Ryan Everson
Corporate Digital Marketing Director Garber Automotive Group
“Arel is a speaker’s speaker. He taught me the power of telling a story, changing pace and tone, and even gave me one of my favorite endings to use in a speech. The passion, energy, and knowledge he’s given me have helped turned me into a 6-figure earning speaker on top of my full-time role as a business executive.”
Nick Friedman
Co-Founder, College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving America’s Largest Junk Removal Company
"Arel Moodie has been instrumental in coaching our alumni to tell their story to our donor base. We have relied on him for our most important events and trainings. His speaking coaching has directly resulted in helping us raise substantial funds for the important work that we do. It has been an honor to have Arel train our speakers so they can be more powerful and authentic when presenting and most importantly drive results. Arel brings amazing passion to his work and is a true pleasure to work with."
Israel (Izzy) Tapoohi
President and CEO of Birthright Israel Foundation

Trained 700+ Speakers

Yes ARel, I'm In!

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"Every time I work with Arel I learn something from him that I am instantly able to apply to my own presentation and style to become a more dynamic public speaker.  Arel is one of the most positive and motivational people you will ever meet.  His attitude and his energy are just a few of the things that separate him from not just all other coaches and speakers, but all other people.   In addition to being a top level speaker and coach, he is also a fantastic marketer and has helped me build my personal brand as an entrepreneur"
Max Durovic
CEO, Aarow Advertising | World's Largest Guerrilla Marketing Company
"Very few have the ability to combine excellent delivery and content with pure fun and teach others how to do it like Arel Moodie! I've learned an incredible amount from him, he is a master of his craft and an amazing human, and you’d be lucky to learn from Arel!"
AJ Yager
Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer of
“Arel is a top-notch speaker and an even better person. Any executive would be lucky to have him in their corner as a speaker coach. Arel has been a peer for many years and I've always enjoyed his counsel."
Brittany Hodak
Co-Founder, The Superfan Company
"Working with Arel Moodie has single-handedly been one of the best business decisions I have ever made.  Having the confidence to be persuasive, lead from the stage and engage audiences big and small has made a huge impact on my professional and personal life. Because Arel has spoken at thousands of events, he gave me the tools, resources and knowledge to hit the ground running. He helped me craft my story so I am clear, concise and can keep audiences engaged."
Jason Duff
Founder CEO of Small Nation
"I always liked the idea of becoming an industry expert through speaking, but I didn't know what I would say or if anyone would care. Working with Arel helped me find my message and believe my story was worth sharing.”
Kerry Guard
COO MKG Marketing
"The most meaningful experience I have had to build my talent and brand as a speaker was working with Arel Moodie. Arel is a phenomenal speaker but even a greater coach. The little nuances he notices in your presence on stage and online creates a transformational return on who you become as an industry leader."
EJ Carrion
CEO & Co-Founder Student Success Agency Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree
"Arel does an excellent job of encouraging people who he is working with in what they are doing right while at the same time elevating their speaking to the next level. Through his incredible talent and experience with speaking, he has changed countless lives. And Arel can help you to increase your impact when you hire him as a speaking coach."
Elizabeth Grace Saunders
Internationally recognized Time Management Coach and author
"Arel taught me more about public speaking in 20 minutes than I knew from all books, collegiate courses & seminars combined. His command of a room and understanding of how to communicate with large groups while each individual feels like it’s a private discussion is unparalleled. I would highly recommend hiring Arel as your speaking coach if you’re an executive or business owner."
Evan Kirkpatrick
CEO & Wealth Manager | Wendell Charles Financial
Learn the fastest AND most consistent way to grow your business & thought leadership through public speaking!
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